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“I’m thoroughly impressed overall … this exceeded my expectations tremendously.”

– Spring 2015 Participant

“I really learned a fresh perspective and how I can improve as a leader and take control of my destiny.”

– Fall 2015 Participant
Achieving Possibilities
Holding 6 Sessions
Accepting 40 Women

Half The Sky participants learn essential competencies to significantly enhance how they function and grow as leaders, and they emerge with strategies and confidence to immediately impact the organizations for which they work in their current roles. We will focus on delivering the following outcomes:

Leadership and learning are
indispensable to each other.

- John F. Kennedy

Stop the Leak in Your Talent Pipeline

Many leadership programs are targeted to women performing at the vice president level and above. The problem with targeting at this level is that companies miss the women who want and need help to advance—your aspiring and high-potential future leaders who often get stuck at middle management positions and may get discouraged and/or leave the company to advance. This is where businesses lose the highest percentage of high-potential women, and therefore their return on investment.

Women are ambitious and believe they have the qualifications - they want to make a contribution to the success of the organization. Over time, however, the barriers seem to get larger and women’s belief that there is opportunity ahead diminishes - and along with it their willingness to keep pushing.

Companies have a promising opportunity to fully tap the talent of high potential women….and to train them to be leaders by focusing on the transition from mid-level manager to senior management. By plugging the leaks in the talent pipeline corporate performance can improve.

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Who Should Attend Half The Sky?

Women identified as high potential leaders and sponsored by their organization

expirence needed Where Is She In Her Career? In the middle of your talent pipeline
current role What is her Current Role in the Organization? Managerial role or above in a corporate environment
educational background What Type of Educational Background? Minimum 4-year college degree
qualities What Other Qualities Do Participants Share? Driven to improve business results, value personal growth & connections

Why Half The Sky Leadership Training?

According to a visionary Chinese proverb, "Women hold up half the sky."

Grace Killelea, a successful Human Resource and talent executive with over 30 years of experience and a mentor to thousands of women, formed Half The Sky because she is passionate about women embracing positions of leadership and influence.

Half The Sky develops the leadership foundation that allows participants to move from tactical to strategic leaders. Graduates become part of a unique alumnae network with opportunities to engage beyond the initial program experience.

Half The Sky supports your corporate efforts to increase the number of women ready to take on leadership roles and works with enlightened companies to tap into their pool of emerging women leaders and commit to their achieving their fullest potential…to brilliantly hold up half the sky.

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Why Half The Sky Leadership Training?
Grace Killelea, CEO of Half The Sky is passionate about women embracing positions of leadership and influence.