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Self Talk

What Did You Say? Why Chatter Matters

Each of us has about 50,000 thoughts each day. Most are judgments. Many are negative. All are stories. Most of them are fiction. We find ourselves saying: “I’m never going to get that promotion.” “Money is not my strong suit.” “I’m so disorganized!” If we hear these “lies” enough, they can end up becoming truths. […]




Network News

October 21, 2013 BY 1 COMMENTS

I spend a lot of time in my life talking to folks about the value of networking. In a tough economy it’s important to have connections, which can open doors that may seem nailed shut. It’s heartbreaking to see people who have never created a network for themselves try to build one when they are […]

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How we deal with disappointment matters. Very often we focus on success and winning and leaders and we don’t think about how we will respond when things get hard, when we don’t get picked. or get the resources. How we handle ourselves when things get hard can define our careers. In this video clip I […]




Power of Networking Top Ten Tips and Tactics

Know the Difference between a Network and a Support Group! Collecting business cards is NOT networking! You don’t have to like the people in your network LinkedIn is a critical way professionals are connecting. Build a brand so your network knows WHO you are. Know how you are showing up! Networking is not linear think […]

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Closed Doors

There is a reason some doors in our lives are closed and this week someone knocked on a closed door in my life.  I don’t have one single moment of regret that it’s closed because this door protects me from something dark and unwelcome in my life. The knock however reminded me there was a […]

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