Closed Doors

October 21, 2013 BY LEAVE A COMMENT

There is a reason some doors in our lives are closed and this week someone knocked on a closed door in my life.  I don’t have one single moment of regret that it’s closed because this door protects me from something dark and unwelcome in my life. The knock however reminded me there was a time in my life where I was in a very different place.  The knock brought up the past.

So here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter why something happened. It doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong. It doesn’t matter what drove the choices. What matters is moving forward. I’m not talking about summarily ignoring the past. I’m talking about making the decision to look forward and let go of trying to rewrite history. The “WHY” something happened isn’t always as important as what you do with the knowledge and experience you gained from it. I know people talk about needing “closure.” I say, if looking for “closure” makes you open a door you can’t close again… settle for “knowledge,” settle for “experience,” settle for “moving on”… then do it!

Not everyone and everything is worthy of a revisit. Not every person deserves another chance to re-enter our lives. You don’t have to wish someone ill, but you don’t have to allow them the opportunity to have one moment of your energy. I don’t think every story has to be perfect or have a storybook ending. Sometimes getting away from a situation is the ending. Sometimes our unanswered prayers bring us to the next place we are supposed to be in our life. Just because someone wants to reconnect doesn’t make it the right thing for you!

We spend too much time looking back. We spend too much time wishing we could rewrite the past. Looking back is like driving while only looking in the rear view mirror. We don’t drive our cars that way, but sometimes we are tempted to live our lives that way. This week I am grateful for the fact I am living my life and driving my car… looking straight ahead to the future!

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